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Vigdor Lurye-Schreibman, is Founder and Webmaster of WorldLoD. He is a member of the Luria/Lurie/Lurya/Lurye family (from Russia), who are Jewish Descendants from the Royal House of David according to various well regarded authorities, see e.g., The Lurie Legacy: The House of Davidic Royal Descent by Neil Rosenstein (2004);` cited in, Davidic Dynasty and see Lurie , From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; and Bill Gladstone, The oldest family in the world , in JTA The Global Jewish News Source (Oct 24, 2004); but see, David Einsiedler, Can We Prove Descent from King David? Online Journal (1992) (questioning the credibility of various claims of descent from King David).

Father's Determination Is Topic Of Billy Rose Story. Murder in A Phone Booth Results in Story Of Good Union Men Who Fought Racketeers By BILLY ROSE, Sheboygan Journal (newspaper) June 27, 1949. My grandfather, Max Lurye, was assassinated by the Al Capone gang , though he stubbornly lived many years afterwords with the bullets remaining in his body. Willy Lurye (Max's son) was later assassinated by the Albert Anastasia gang (founder of Murder, Inc.). After Anastasia moved his garment racketeers to Pa., the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU), sent my aunt Min Lurye (Max's youngest daughter) and her husband Bill Matheson (Remarks published Friday, Sept 24, 1999, in Congressional Record honoring Min Lurye, Union leader, with Bill Matheson, writer and educator)) to Pa. They quickly organized thousands of ILGWU workers in a sharing and caring union infrastructure the Union called . Protected by the workers, the racketeers were ousted from the Pa. garment industry. See K.C. Wolensky, N.H. Wolensky, and R.P. Wolensky, Fighting for the Union Label (Penn State U. Press, 2002) (oral history of author's union family fighting for what they knew was right). The deeply spiritual principle handed down that moves this family was declared by grandfather Max Lurye in a famous article written by Billy Rose . This is what he said:

A man's got to have his dignity
or he ain't no man. He can't
live like an animal running
away from other animals that
happen to be stronger than he
is. Unless he fights for what he
knows is right his life ain't
much of a life."

The fight for workers' dignity and good union jobs supported an open and democratic political system, but this democratic system threatened the elite monopoly on political powers. Michael Mandelbaum, The Road to Global Prosperity 142-43, n.74 (Simon & Schuster 2014), citing Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson, Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty Chapter 15 (Crown Business, 2012). The promise of democracy was, therefore scuttled, in the USA, when "free market" capitalist lunatics, supported by anti-union and "free trade" advocates in the US Government and industry deindustrialized, moving manufacturing of consumer products to slave-wage states in a race to the bottom maximizing corporate profit and lowering income of American workers to below what it was 40-years ago. J. Stiglitz, On the wrong side of globalization (NY Times, Mar 15, 2014). This war against the 99% was also supported by secret macroeconomic policies of the Federal Reserve to guarantee high unemployment and assure capture of all profits by the 1%, in the USA, purportedly to defeat inflation, see W. Greider, Secrets of the Temple 565 (1987). Industry supported by the US Government aspired to be free from fair labor standards, free from clean air standards, and free from sound environmental health and conservation standards, indeed, free from democracy itself. A stem-winder speech given by Robert B. Reich, former US Secretary of Labor, presented by Harvard Book Store promoting his book AFTERSHOCK: The Next Economy and America's Future You Tube Sept 5, 2012), offers a spirited defense of the capitalist 1% suggesting the whole colossal shift in wealth to the top was the natural outcome of mistaken national policies and computer automation of manufacturing. No. Computer automation certainly did not move American manufacturing industries to China, where slave wages prevail, the deliberate betrayal of American workers and the lunacy-driven politics of capitalist "free market" fundamentalism supported by the ludicrous macroeconomic policies of the American Government did that! No again. Price competition forced by high Union pay scales certainly did not compel the US industry move to China. Regressive public policy benefits derived from Chinese slave labor did not result in reduced consumer prices. (See e.g., K.C. Wolensky, N.H. Wolensky, R.P. Wolensky, Fighting for the Union Label, Chapter 7, Importing Apparel and Exporting Jobs 187, 197-98 (Penn State University Press 2002) (In the mid-1980s American garment workers earned an average of $5.75 per hour while workers earned an hourly wage of 16 cents in the People's Republic of China, making identical products, yet American consumers "received no price break" from significantly less expensive overseas apparel). Moreover, the surge in profits from overseas operations did not contribute to American tax revenue to pay for public works, schools, and health care. Capitalists just stashed the soaring proceeds of "free trade" into offshore tax havens while devastating workers and the environment that my family and many others devoted their lives to protect.

Creative Destruction Organizing our Civilization

There may be a positive role for "creative destruction" in a capitalist economic system to open opportunities for productive innovation, but political backlash will follow destructive works that lack sufficient political influence. See e.g.: Michael Mandelbaum, The Road to Global Prosperity 40-41 (Simon & Schuster 2014); and The "Global TILT" by Ram Charan (2013), disclosing the collosal economic power that was also moved to the manufacturing slave-wage states. Citizen must be dubious about world civilization survival in an existential state of The Scientist , Vol:6, #11, May 25, 1992.

There are significant systemic benefits, research has shown, in public policy guidance not by lobbyists or clever experts but by utilization of a structured dialogue of the common people, including caring and sharing union organizers, J. McAlevey with B.Ostertag, Raising Expectations (and Raising Hell) (Verso, 2012); and cf, YANKELOVICH AND HARMAN, STARTING WITH THE PEOPLE 18, 13 (1988). We do have the concrete oportunity, therefore, to assure the supremacy of the people as wisely defined by the Preamble, indeed, as inspiringly described in Lincoln's blood soaked Gettysburg vision that "government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth" but may be aggregated in local groups, communities, states, nations, and implicitly, across the world. "Meaningful dialogue with the participation of all who are affected, is the essence of this system of social interaction". See The triumph of Jeffersonian Democracy , in "Washington's HILL RAG," Original ed., Nov 5, 1993 (part 3 of three series); moreover, mass engagement and use of internet petitions by the common people, e.g., Avaas , MoveOn, Greenpeace , EarthFirst, and Oxfam , etc., have become a deeply influential world-wide resource involving tens of millions of citizens who are engaged in development of effective social capital networks and civic action .

Facilitating Genuine Union of the People, Becoming Masters of the Situation.

With a genuine union of the people heightened psychic power or deeply shared understanding and super-consciousness may be made possible. By new integrative technology discussed below citizens of democracy can exercise their sovereign powers to overcome the grossly irresponsible concerted elite actions such as described by OP-ED COLUMNIST Thomas L. Friedman, in his article, "All Fall Down," published in the NY Times (Nov 25, 2008). This elite behavior grossly undermines democracy with impunity "by an assault on the minds of the masses that persuades them to live within the rules of the market system rather than become 'masters of the situation,'"as described by Yale Professor Emeritus of Economics and Political Science, Charles E. Lindblom, in The Market System 232-235 (2001). The US Constitution is not intended to embody the current economic theory of "free market" fundamentalism or of the old laissez faire. This was underscored in the dissent of Justice Holmes, in Lochner v. New York , 198 U.S. 45, 65 (1905) (Holmes, J., dissenting). Scholars have called the dissent of Justice Holmes "the greatest judicial opinion of the last hundred years" and "a major turning point in American constitutional jurisprudence." See e.g.: Richard A. Posner, Law and Literature (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1998), p. 271; G. Edward White, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes: Law and the Inner Self (New York: Oxford University Press, 1993), p. 324.

Paradoxically, however, powers granted by the U.S. Congress approving The Telecommunications Act of 1996 [The Act was approved by the 104th Congress on January 31, 1996, P.L. No. 104-104, 110 Stat. 56 (1996); 47 U.S,C. 151 et seq., generally known as "the Blueprint for the information superhighway for the 21st century" "a revolution" Markey (D-MA).] was denounced in the US Senate by Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) and by Sen. Robert Kerrey (D-NE), respectively, for "influence peddling" and because the Bill was not designed to serve the interests of all Americans but was, instead, "a contract with 100 corporations in America." ; in the US House of Representatives, the measure was denounced by Rep. John Bryant (D-Tex) upon a "manager's amendment" demanded by the new Robber Barons of the Information Age that was "cooked up behind closed doors" in defiance of members rights to participate fairly in the process; instead, the measure was negotiated in private with the new telecommunications giants known as Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOC's), by the Speaker, Newt Gingrich, effectively bypassing three Congressional Committee reports while blocking participation of most non-government organizations (NGO's), except for one well known Republican Party favorite, by a vote after midnight when many members were at home asleep; thereby, wrecklessly returning the world to establish the hi-tech feudalism telecommunications infrastructure serving plutocrats that Athenian democracy was designed to overcome.

The New FCC "Net Neutrality" Gag

In clear reporting Reuters (May 15, 2014) says:

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposal that may allow some "commercially reasonable" deals in which content companies could pay broadband providers to prioritize traffic on their networks.
Critics worry the rules would create "fast lanes" for companies that pay up and mean slower traffic for others. Wheeler pledged to use all of his powers to prevent "acts to divide the Internet between 'haves' and 'have nots.'"

FCC Chairman Wheeler pledged to use all of his powers to prevent "acts to divide the Internet between 'haves' and 'have nots.'" but this pledge is not serious. The Internet divide between 'haves' and 'have nots.'" has already grown far beyond the realm of space and time since the Internet was born managed by the gang of capitalist lunatics at the FCC and Federal Courts, driven not by constitutional law and sound public policy but by the capitalist ideology of "free market" fundamentalism. Its another gag to turn the Internet into a New Age System of Robber Barons where the messages of the common people will be buried in a black hole and the oligopoly stranglehold over "free speech" will impose total strangulation over the public interest.

Government by the systems of capitalist lunacy, altogether defiant of the promise of democracy, is a catastrophic moral betrayal and Treason to the Constitution of the United States for which there is no solution so long as the people are prevented by these horrible crimes from exercising their sovereign powers. Courts and the political process that produce such catastrophic moral betrayal and Treason to the Constitution of the United States should be reorganized to guarantee the promise of democracy, Republican Government, and one person one vote. The stunning lack of effective countervailing action and continuation of the existing betrayal and treason at the beginning of the 21st century reveals a failed national leadership personality driven by a pathological drive for personal control derived from the barbaric doctrine of "survival of the fittest" and the old laissez faire, which were fought over and overthrown in the 20th century. It is ludicrous, for example, for the 21st century politics of democracy to be made dependent upon demands for election campaign donations in a rigged and lopsided competition between the capitalist 1% and the 99% heart of America, based on money-power.

What the 99% possess in great abundance is certainly not money-power but "people power" and it is by that means alone, I believe, that their salvation and the salvation of our world civilization may be rescued. Why do we continue to tolerate and, indeed, work inspiringly, to manage campaigns for public office governed by the same rigged and lopsided money-power politics once utilized by the ancient plutocrats that was overthrown more than 2500 years ago in the 6th century BC by a revolt against the Greek tyrant Peisistratus and his eldest son Hippias, which an outraged citizenry used to usher in the Athenian democratic constitution ? I must say to my democratic colleagues we need to rediscover our moral inspiration for a large and creative adjustment in our politics of democracy, which must be driven by people power, which we possess in abundance not money-power, which our opponents possess in abundance.

The truth is Democrats are not unaware of this need. I received an e-mail May 1, from Nancy Pelosi inviting me to submit an application to join their 2014 Organizing Corps . This is their message:

We are believers, we are trailblazers, and we are change-seekers.
But above all else, we are devoted to the work of empowering Americans
to take ownership over the change they seek in their communities
by placing them at the heart of our movement.

It is very good to see American leaders espousing empowerment of ordinary Americans to take ownership over the change they seek in their communities. In the exercise of those values let us remember that power for the people in a democracy exists only in a Union of the people, This cannot be given by any fiction of Superman. Democracy without social Union is an oxymoron. Capitalist democracy is just another oxymoron. With clean hands and their own embodied knowledge (audiobook download), Thalma Lobel, SENSATION ch 9 "Out Damned Spot: Guilt, Morality, and Cleaning" (2014), human beings can sense the unfolding tragedy of our failed governments. Genuine democratic leadership must transform the "current situation" into the "desired future" with the powers of democratic Union, as revealed in the LoD VALUES TRANSFORMATION MATRIX , and as discussed in my top essay on THE NEXT GENERATION WORLD PEOPLE POWER . When my aunt Min Lurye and her husband Bill Matheson, moved to Pensylvania to oust the racketeers from the PA garment Union they organized thousands of workers in a sharing and caring union infrastructure the Union called "Social Unionism" . With that Union the racketeers that assassinated my uncle Willy were ousted from the PA garment industry. With a people power Union clearly and explicitly mandated by the US Constitution Americans can certainly fulfill the promise of democracy that capitalism has destroyed.

With the catastrophic moral betrayal of the American Government reinforced by Treason to the Constitution of the United States , engineered by Judicial lunacy, they have shipped all our good Union jobs to China by an adjustment of American trade policies to allow unlimited trade deficites to accomodate unlimited sales of slave labor foreign merchandise into the United States. This is to maximize spectacular profits of global capitalist traders, without any reduction in consumer prices or contribution of a fair share of taxes to pay the costs of government required by the constitution, including the common (domestiic and global) defense, the general welfare, and the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. This monstrous China gag has bankrupted this once great financial colossus.

We have been well trained in the liberty of a trustworthy nation but this nation is not one of those any longer. We have lost the art of true believers suported by our democratic Unions. This has been replaced with an obsession with the telecommunications feeding lines of sexual fantasy, making money, and grabbing control over others driven by the barbarism of "survival of the fittest" and the old laissez faire. We still have our natural selves if our nature has not died forever in the capitalist inspired "nothingness of unreason" that Michael Foucault, the great philosopher of Madness and Civilization (Vintage ed. 1988) at p. 285)(Internet Archive, Full Text), has described. There has been a significant shift in the political winds, however. NY Times Op-Ed Columnist Paul Krugman, June 15, 2014, outlined the role of President Obama: "Put it all together, and Mr. Obama is looking like a very consequential president indeed": @NYTimeskrugman

Indeed, with the requisite "people power" Americans and people everywhere can look forward to one day being able to enjoy the spectacular benefits of the proposed ESRA-Environmental and Social Responsibility Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which has been offered by two spiritual leaders who possess moral imagination: Rabbi Michael Lerner the editor of TIKKUN magazine, Rabbi of Beyt Tikkun synagogue in Berkeley and San Francisco, CA, and Rev. J. Alfred Smith Sr. of the Allen Temple Baptist Church.

A Union of the people is absolutely essential for development of democratic power consistent with the democratic command of the U.S. CONST. preamble, cl. 1, "to form a more perfect Union" expressing the will of the people. Such a democratic system would not suffer the burdens of an elite system of the living dead, Capitalist Zombies , which is driven by money-power, and the two party system, in which both political partys are effectively under the unilateral control of capital. The absolutely essential Union of the people upholds the supremacy of the values of the people. This systemic foundation for democracy may be supported by the "David Systems" software, which is proposed here, which will be made freely available to everyone everywhere via Internet by WorldLoD.

The intended computer technology may be managed by any competent person including knowledge management practitioners. This software is designed to facilitate the essential dialogue between citizens utilizing knowledge based systems and the science of discovery to support the paramount citizen-centric goal. This will be guided by effective modes of human association that can overcome pathological barriers to group integration described in the New Agora that my colleague Aleco Christakis, and I, posted on the Internet, supported by a value driven foundation for=20 The pursuit of wisdom and democracy.

The "David Systems" Software, referred to above, is named after the shepherd boy David from Bethlehem (b. 1048 B.C.E., d. 973 B.C.E) who slew the Philistine giant Goliath in "single combat" armed with a sling shot. See e.g., M. Gladwell, David and Goliath 3-15 (2013); Biblical story of David and Goliath , 1 Samuel 17 (New International Version). The story is about what happens when ordinary people confront powerful opponents, for example, when David committed himself to combat Goliath, or when Nelson Mandela sought to overcome apartheid in South Africa. The larger implications for the world arising from such moral imagination of the people was addressed in an article by Dallas Darling published in World News.

If two, even three, always makes a better peace
and a more democratic society
maybe two billion, even three billion,
perhaps the entire seven billion people living on earth,
and by following the examples
of Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk,
can also build a more peaceful and just world.
Dallas Darling (
World News= (Dec 6, 2013).

In the international sphere American global leadership is yielding to international cooperation, says Mandelbaum, infra, at 28. We are already experiencing the evolutionary process revealed by the cosmos, which is ultimately governed by what Charles S. Peirce (1839-1914), the early 20th-century American philosopher and polymath, described as "creative love": the movement that "projects creations into interdependence and drawing them into harmony." V.G. Potter, S.J., Charles S. Peirce On Norms & Ideals xvii-xviii, 179-80 (1997).

The Future of Planetary Civilization must be based upon the very same interdependence, drawing the people into the harmony of "creative love" that evolves from the cosmos. This will require moral imagination and the technology, which we describe as "David Systems" Software, which may best support human beings with the capacity for harmonious interdependence. Instead, the resort to "glorious" warfare as Homer described in the Iliad(SIGNET CLASSIC ed, 1999), which is used to impose tyranny on local and world populations, has prevailed in the minds of American power mad political leaders:

War may be hell, but it is glorious hell,
the height of human suffering, the pith of human virtue,
the acme of human achievement,
combining the ultimate tragedy of death with the lasting grace of the great deed
-- the greatest of all deeds, courage in combat.--
Creed of the barbarians brought into sharp focus during the fall of the City of Troy (c. 1184 B.C.),
as depicted by the ancient Greek poet Homer in the Iliad (c. 750-700 B.C.),
discussed in T. Cahill, Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter 32-33 (2003).

This sentiment of glorious hell has inflamed the horrible world of violent warfare, especially during the 20th and 21st centuries, lately, to provide "protection" for geopolitcs of the 1% building the global capitalist marketplace, see Mandelbaum, infra, Chapter One, "The Roof". This "protection" for the global capitalist marketplace has inspired a grossly outsized buildup, costing in excess of $1 trillion annually, of the American military-industrial-police-surveillance complex. This buildup, I believe, is certainly not a legitimate strategy to impose upon the 99% citizens of American democracy, morally, politically, or least of all, economically, when the profits go to the 1% and the costs of protection of the same are charged to the 99%! Indeed, "We the People," have been totally railroaded, silenced, and shut out of the planning and massive profit taking of this global strategy -- of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%.

Nevertheless, I am one of the people with liberty to speak via Internet protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, am I not? Reno v. Am. Civil Liberties Union, 521 U.S. 844 (1997). Moreover, everyone everywhere may peaceably assemble and freely participte in these WorldLoD Virtual Dialogues enabled by an absolutely essential infrastructure for The pursuit of wisdom and democracy .

Human civilization evolves within the participatory universe envisioned by the great theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler in which highly improbable events are, in theory, designed by a higher power within the infinite multiverse, e.g., emergence of homo sapiens sapiens. The "Humanist Frame" of evolution described by Sir Julian Huxley (1946), and reviewed by B.H. Banathy, in Guided Evolution of Society (2000), is driving the future of human civilization. This "humanist frame" is captured today by the insanely optimistic aspirations suggested by Dallas Darling, but these lofty aspirations may become the norm for the next generations of people who have been spiritually inspired to become deeply engaged in realizing the same:

If two, even three, always makes a better peace
and a more democratic society
maybe two billion, even three billion,
perhaps the entire seven billion people living on earth,
and by following the examples
of Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk,
can also build a more peaceful and just world.
Dallas Darling (

We may all, thereby, exercise the liberty of the people to be "masters of the situation."


Now that we have learned to discuss economics as political argument
-- not science -- of which the 99% became well aware occupying Wall Street,
professional economists are finding it impossible
to browbeat the latter in the service of the 1%
pretending “to be custodians of scientific truth.”

Ha-Joon Chang, ECONOMICS: The Users Guide 117 (Bloomsbury 2014).

According to Robert B. Reich, appearing in ( YouTube Sept 5, 2012),
former US Secretary of Labor, who is now a low flying reality test pilot
of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%,
all talk of moral philosophy, which is where the economy started with Adam Smith,
is quite out of date. Instead, we must talk about the great science of economics,
from which we presently suffer the burdens of an elite system
of the living dead, Capitalist Zombies
described by two insanely great Nobel economists,
Paul Krugman (2010) and Joseph Stiglitz (2012).

21st Century. All talk about building an advanced technological civilization
"is just whistling in the dark unless animated by moral sensitivity
and concern for moral evolution and moral transformation."

D. Loye, Evolutionary Systems Scientist, The Parable of the Three Villages 112
(Benjamin Franklin Press 2012).

20th Century. "Representative government," party organization, majority rule,
with all their excrescences, are dead wood.
... Representation is not the main fact of political life;
... the main concern of politics is modes of association.

M.P. Follett, described by Management Guru Peter F. Drucker,
as the "Prophet of Management," (Harvard Business School Press Classic 1996)
in The New State, Intro, & ch. XVII, 4, 142, 147 (1918).

19th Century.= "I hope we shall take warning from the example
and crush in it's birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations
which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength,
and to bid defiance to the laws of their country."

Letter from thomas-jefferson-to-george-logan-12-november-1816/
The letter was first published in Ford's Writings of Thomas Jefferson in 1892
Anna Berkes - Research Librarian, Monticello Staff February 29, 2012, 5:24 pm

18th Century. (1) Let our politicians leave off their calculations . . .
let them learn once and for all that everything can be had for money,
except morals and citizens.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Discours sur les sciences et les arts 1751,
cited in M. Foucault, Madness and Civilization: A History of Insanity
in the Age of Reason 61 (Vintage ed. 1988);

(2) Moral ideas and actions are a product of our very nature as social creatures.
A. Smith, The Theory Of Moral Sentiments (1759).

17th Century. All our dignity consists ... in thought.
By it we must elevate ourselves, and not by space and time which we cannot fill.
Let us endeavour, then, to think well; this is the principle of morality.

Blaise Pascal (1660), = Pensees, sec. VI, The Philosophers, 347,
in FINS, available online at URL:


Self-Portrait (below right) of Vigdor wearing his technically cool RUDY shades under the Cherry Tree
planted just across the street from the two halls of (below left)
Eastern Market , which is a democratic social structure also called a social machine.
In the North Hall a large space is provided with WiFi service, used for entertainment and community or civic affairs.
The South Hall is used for local food sales kiosks: bakery, groceries, meat, poultry, fish, cheese, vegetables, and flowers, etc,
each managed by independend business men and women in a comfortable weatherized environment.
Areas outside the two halls including the local public road (7th street) closed to vehicle traffic on weekends,
are used by musicians and for kiosks that an individual can (for a modest fee) set up for his own small business.
Altogether the two halls and outside areas comprises a Flea & Farmers Market, which is served by an adjacent parking lot.

These facilities offer a joyfull break from the politics -- a continuation of war by other means -- of The US National Capitol building complex,
which local workers, men and women, toddlers, school boys and girls, and seniors and visitors, truly love and enthusiastically sustain.

The market was first established by Proclamation of President Thomas Jefferson, in 1805,
on Capital Hill, Washington, DC USA.



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